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TSplus' Business Plan for 2020 bets on its international development along with the regionalisation of the Group's worldwide activities. John Davies, TSplus President, split the world into 9 big Regions, each one lead by a Region Director: USA/Canada, Latin America, South Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, Eastern Asia, Middle-East and India. The Group is pleased to announce the nomination of David Michael as the Director for Middle-East Region.

‚ÄčBy Floriane Mer, Marketing Manager at TSplus

In line with its international development's strategy, TSplus is extending its worldwide presence by investing in one more strategic market : the Middle-East Region. This Region has a large potential for TSplus, as it includes many territories : Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, South Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Emirates.

TSplus' entire team welcomes its new Director and wish him a great success!

Floriane Mer, Marketing Manager at

Last month, John Davies and David Michael, CEO of "iT-Service", signed a long term and strategical agreement to outgrow TSplus' success in the Middle-East Region. David Michael's catchword is "We make I.T simple", which perfectly fits with TSplus' goal to offer efficient and easy-to-use solutions.

TSplus already has over 500 customers spread in the Middle-East. According to Mr. David Michael, the Middle-East market, despite the current political problems, is rapidly developing its IT infrastructure while benefiting from high investments in all Internet technologies. With more than 500 millions people, this Region is a very attractive target for TSplus product lines and will contribute effectively to its worldwide development's strategy.

It was a crucial challenge for TSplus to find the key person who would be able to lead TSplus interests in this promising Region and to dedicate his time, his talent and efforts to ensure its business development in the Middle-East. David Michael is now in charge of driving the local sales and marketing actions. In order to kick off this partnership, few important steps have already been made:

The marketing campaign to come, which is currently prepared by the Group's Marketing managers, should support efficiently the local launching of TSplus.

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