TSplus Releases RDP Defender Version 2, Security Freeware for RDP

TSplus is thrilled to announce the next generation of its flagship product and add-on, the security tool RDP Defender. The coding has been enhanced to allow blocking robots in more cases and Windows / RDP configurations.

RDP Defender Secure Your RDS Connections

Whether you are a TSplus customer or a user of Windows RDS and Terminal Services, you must protect your Remote Desktop connections from malicious people.

Indeed, if your server is available and publicly visible on Internet, there are strong chances that your server is constantly assailed by hackers, network scanners and brute force robots who attempt to steal your identification in order to access your personal data or take the control of your machine.

Furthermore, this risk is even higher when you are opening an RDS session: robots scan open ports and try to steal your identification in order to log in. Every minute, hundreds to thousands of combinations, using current logins and password dictionaries, are automatically tested on your server by external IPs.

To counter efficiently this threat, you need to install an anti-spyware.

RDP Defender is the reliable and powerful weapon against brute force attacks.

Installed on your machine, it will be automatically activated every time you open an RDS connection and will be blocking any suspicious IP.

It works simply, by monitoring Windows failed login attempts and automatically blacklisting the offending IP addresses after several failures.

You get a real time protection on your RDS server or your PC.

And the best of it is that this amazing tool is COMPLETELY FREE!

Enhanced protection with RDP Defender Version 2

TSplus noticed that its customers were frustrated that RDP Defender wasn't including specific connection modes, such as NTLM. As the team cares a lot about customers wishes, this issue is of ancient history!

From now on, you will be able to block an IP address even when using RDP connection in NTLM mode.
Indeed, we have identified another Windows log that includes the source IP address of the connections even in this case.

The great news is that you don't have to change your RDP connection anymore: just download the RDP Defender Update and run it!

TSplus hopes that this great improvement will please both its customers and Windows RDS/TSE users. 

RDP Defender is compatible with any Windows RDS/TSE servers and offers customizable settings. Download it now for FREE and benefit from instant protection!

About TSplus Software:

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Source: TSplus